Do You Need An Iron Supplement?

The only way to verify your iron needs are being met, is to check with a registered doctor who will have you undergo a simple blood test to confirm your stored iron levels, and iron available in your bloodstream. Iron deficiency or low iron can affect anyone. You may be at risk of iron deficiency or low in iron if you:

  • Are a women of childbearing age with heavy menstrual periods
  • Have a chronic or underlying health condition such as Endometriosis, or Celiac disease
  • Are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant
  • Are an athlete who does regular, vigorous exercise
  • Eat a nutritionally poor diet or have trouble absorbing iron from food sources
  • Are a vegetarian following a plant-based diet

Iron deficiency is the world’s most common nutritional disorder, so if you are suffering from low iron, know that you are not alone.

Am I Experiencing Symptoms Associated with Low Iron or Iron Deficiency Anaemia?

Try this evaluation now and share the results with your doctor